aint really got no time for the pussy shit/
every single limit ima find it and keep pushing it/
make you wanna me but you're gonna fall in love with it/
crazy melodies attack the bassline when i spit/
endorse it/
dont be the one to hop onto my afterglow/
im about to take it, make it mine just like the ones before me/
got a taste for making hits sit back watch how she goes/
just keep your distance, take some notes and respect my technique/

oh, oh, oh, better check out my flow! (x4)

i'd like to invite all ya'll to my wonderland/
upon arrival i got somethin tasty for your ears and man (im just kidding but)/
when you get here i need you to understand/
what i got aint regular/
heard that you were ready/
damn i hope that you are ready/
are you ready?keep it steady. are you ready? keep it steady. are you ready?/
here it comes now! BANG/
a different kind of chick to let into your world/
im not the one next door, im not a whore, im just the perfect girl/
kind of sick by how/
gotta keep on tryna prove myself/
i treat it like a run thru cause i body tracks like no one else/
(oh i think they like she) is what they say unto themselves/
aint on no major label cause they didnt wanna give no help/
this thing is rather easy/
try to hate ill pass you by/
flying like a lotus in the sky my music makes you high

oh, oh, oh, better check out my flow! (x4)


from alisonWonderland, released June 21, 2011
written by a.carney
produced by willy joy, benzi, diplo
arranged by s. boursiquot




Alison Carney Washington, D.C.

Alison Carney is a jack of all trades. A singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and an educator, Alison uses everything she does creatively to continuously foster her artistic growth. She is an experienced vocalist whose natural born ability to create sound, is a gift to us all. Born and raised in Washington DC, her sound transcends any categorization of how music is defined. ... more

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