in high places

from by Alison Carney



i absolutely LOVE this song! Kanye used a few lines, but i had to recreate mike oldfield's masterpiece


look down from in high places./
lift off the ground/
without a sound, yeah./

we move through open spaces./
the wind, it pulls./
the sky gets close, yeah./

could we get much higher?/
could we get much lighter?/
navigator to heaven./

check out, did you check your heart?/
this cloudless blue./
this starlight night, yeah./

shoot out into the shining,/
that devil moon. (That devil moon)/
he sings of love, yeah./

can we get much higher?/
can we get much lighter?/
navigator to heaven./

the stars, so close we touch them./
they seem so small./
they make me wonder./

far out in formation,/
five thousand moons./
floating balloons./

couldn't get much higher,/
couldn't get much lighter./
navigator to heaven./


from alisonWonderland, released June 21, 2011
written by m.oldfield
produced by




Alison Carney Washington, D.C.

Alison Carney is a jack of all trades. A singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and an educator, Alison uses everything she does creatively to continuously foster her artistic growth. She is an experienced vocalist whose natural born ability to create sound, is a gift to us all. Born and raised in Washington DC, her sound transcends any categorization of how music is defined. ... more

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